Update of bug #21268 (project freeciv):

                  Status:                    None => Ready For Test         
             Assigned to:                    None => jtn                    
         Planned Release:                         => 2.5.0,2.6.0            
                 Summary: Scenario start positions don't restrict nation
choice for players => Scenario start positions can't restrict nation choice
for players


Follow-up Comment #2:

> The current behaviour has been there so long that scenario 
> authors / players might be surprised by its suddenly starting 
> to happen in a stable series.
Attached patch for S2_5 and later makes it a scenario option, with
restrictions off by default, and doesn't change any supplied scenarios, so
they remain unrestricted. So no surprises.
If there are ancient scenarios kicking around where this is desired, they'd
have to be updated to a more recent savegame format and have the
'startpos_nations' option set.

(With restrictions in force, the Gtk client's "pick-a-nation" dialog has
groups which are entirely empty, which looks a bit naff; patch #3448 will take
care of this.)

This patch also mops up some of the comment changes about nation selection
currently in file #19349 attached to patch #4304.

(file #19476)

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