Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4373 (project freeciv):

I have updated the patches for trunk and S2_5, since the cast that allowed to
hide the memory corruption in client/tilespec.c is no longer needed. I have
also submitted patches for S2_4 and S2_3. (I finally got them to compile.)
They silence a few more warnings, but none of them are actual bugs. So, for
S2_5, S2_4, and S2_3, the only detected bug is the one in client/tilespec.c.
For trunk, there are some more.

As for the compiler, it is clang. It produces about 200 warnings when
compiling Freeciv. (I feel sorry for people compiling it under MacOSX.) Most
of them are pointless, if not outright wrong. But sometimes it does spot
actual bugs.

(file #19581, file #19582, file #19583, file #19584)

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