Summary: Map latitude requirement for effects
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            Submitted on: Thu Jan  2 15:12:04 2014
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It would probably be fairly easy to add a new requirement type of
"MaxLatitude", such that the requirement is only met for tiles/cities/etc
below a certain latitude.

For instance, Solar Plants might only be buildable below 45° latitude, not in
polar regions.
(If I get round to this, would anyone object to me adding this to the
experimental ruleset?)
Similarly if something is only appropriate in the polar regions, could use
present=FALSE in requirement to negate it.

Latitude would be defined as the map generator defines it (so generalised
appropriately for torus worlds, etc).

Not sure whether latitude should be unsigned (easier for ruleset authors but
less expressive) or signed (requires more clauses in rulesets, but allows
things to only happen at the north pole, should you wish -- polar bear special
at north pole, penguin special at south? ;)

Wrinkle: would need some way to control what happens when there's no defined
latitude (flat maps, scenarios, alltemperate?). Can't just defined latitude=0
or =90, as that may make e.g. Solar Plants completely unusable in a given
Probably arrange that latitude evaluates to something outside the normal range
(say -91) for such maps, and document this so that ruleset authors decide what
the "default" behaviour is by specifying the behaviour in that range.

This does mean that scenario authors can't specify how latitude is to be
evaluated for their scenarios. A fully general solution would be to allow
latitude to be specified per-tile, but that's probably not worth the hassle.
More likely is probably a scenario option to specify how latitude should be
(Need to check what the default behaviour would be -- would it just depend on
WRAPX and WRAPY? If so, that's probably good enough to start with, as it'll do
the right thing for world-map scenarios.)


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