Summary: Require tech to mine deserts / glaciers ("oil
wells") in standard rulesets?
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            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Thu Jan  2 15:32:11 2014
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Now that we have a cosmetically separate "oil well" extra (patch #4131), how
would people feel about changing the default rules so that some tech (say,
Refining, or Industrialization) or other advancement (e.g. Engineer units) is
required to build it?

Quite apart from the cosmetic tileset issue of seeing oil derricks built by
bronze age cultures, I think it's not great that you can get value out of
glacier tiles without any technology -- it feels like that should require
fairly advanced technology.
(I could be persuaded that primitive mines in the desert should be allowed,
but in that case perhaps we should use the regular mine sprite in the absence
of the oil resource... but that leaves the question of how to avoid seeing an
oil derrick until advanced tech comes along, which is tricky -- don't want to
prevent a primitive mine on a tile simply due to the presence of oil.)

Alternatively, we could only allow mining at all in the presence of the oil
resource (and suitable tech) -- maybe only for glacier.

(Obviously civ1/civ2 rulesets shouldn't be changed if that's how those games
behaved, although that does leave the incongruity of ancient oil derricks.)

What do people think of this sort of gameplay change?

(Will post to forum once devs have had a chance to point out any reasons why
these proposals can't be implemented.)


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