Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4392 (project freeciv):

> Should it be limited to resources, or can it be extras too?

Actually I have been vaguely thinking about implementing this as new extra
class. Not that I particularly want that feature, so don't rely on me to
implement it.

Also, rather than implementing simple reveal-and-never-hide feature, I think
more general "appear" and "disappear" framework that could model anything of
revealing, hiding, depleting, actual appearance and disappearance, growing,
falling from the sky, blocking, worker's strike, etc would be in order.

> I'd be tempted to have a go at this for 2.5,

I would oppose.

1) That's not an improvement over existing feature, but completely new
feature, and S2_5 should be rather stable already. After all, I've proposed
datafile format freeze in two months.
2) Things will come out from woodwork - I've proposed datafile format freeze
in two months and if not all things have been ironed out before the freeze, we
have to live with them
3) Even if this would not be based on extras work, porting between S2_5 and
TRUNK that has all the extras work would probably be more work than it's worth
(I'm probably biased though, as I have no plans to use such feature in my own


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