Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21414 (project freeciv):

> It's a bit of a mess that roads use compatibility definitions
> in ruleset (ROCO_xxx) while other specials are converted by
> rule_name.
> Former is introduced in 2.5, so it's not yet been in any
> release nor is format yet frozen - maybe we should still change
> it to use rule_name (road rule_name in case of S2_5)

That wouldn't be as simple "handle roads like (other) extras" change as I
thought. Roads are no longer part of specials array, and I certainly don't
want to add them back just to get this to work. I'm inclined to leave it as it
is - though it's causing savegame handling code to be more messy, we already
have more "brute force" cleanup method planned for savegame code (in 3.0 drop
support for loading save versions handled by savegame.c and 'rm --force
--force --force savegame.?', make copy of savegame2.c as savegame3.c that
handles 3.0+ saves, and drop all backward compatibility code for older
versions from it, savegame2.c keeps on collecting cruft until it's time to
drop support for loading pre-3.0 savegames)


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