Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4392 (project freeciv):

> Also, rather than implementing simple reveal-and-never-hide 
> feature, I think more general "appear" and "disappear" framework 
> that could model anything of revealing, hiding, depleting, 
> actual appearance and disappearance, growing, falling from the 
> sky, blocking, worker's strike, etc would be in order.
Mm. Part of the reason I chose reveal-and-never-hide semantics was that it was
nice and simple to implement, and didn't require some way for players to
remember "I'm sure there used to be stoats on this tile" without keeping it
all in their head.
This concern is specific to the cases where player knowledge is kept
incomplete. Actual appearance and disappearance in the real world is easier to
handle (again, provided there isn't hidden state in a tile that indicates its
likeliness to spawn stoats at some point in future).
I'm not sure what shape such a framework would take, beyond using requirements
to trigger the various changes. I guess you're thinking of something a bit lit
the extra-causes system?

>> I'd be tempted to have a go at this for 2.5,
> I would oppose. [...]
Fair enough. There wouldn't have been time, anyway.


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