On 7 January 2014 03:07,  <fullm...@cazfi.net> wrote:
> This is build report automatically generated by Fullmoon Ilmarinen (
> Fullmoon operated by Marko Lindqvist <cazf...@gmail.com> This build is from 
> Component "sdl", Host "build.cazfi.net", Phase "Build(2)": FAILED
> Component "sdl2", Host "build.cazfi.net", Phase "Build(2)": FAILED

 These are because external SDL_ttf and SDL2_ttf are now a
requirement, and the build machine does not have them - so not bug in
 I'll try to get them installed before next night's run.

> Component "xaw", Host "build.cazfi.net", Phase "Build(2)": Succeeded
> Component "stub", Host "build.cazfi.net", Phase "Build(2)": Succeeded

 - ML

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