Update of bug #20521 (project freeciv):

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         Planned Release:                         => 2.4.2,2.5.0,.6.0       


Follow-up Comment #2:

> A fix that would help here would be to explicitly look for and 
> take account of completely unqualified effects like 
> base_unit_upkeep here. 
Here's my first go at reworking government help to take into account global
effects (not just for Upkeep_Factor). It fixes at least the original reported

(Might try to backport this to S2_3 if I can hack it in a way that doesn't
break string freeze.)

> Noticed with civ2 ruleset, but will affect others.
civ2 is worst affected, as the help outright lies. In other rulesets like the
default where Upkeep_Factor = 1(world)+1(gov), the gov help simply doesn't
mention that settlers eat twice the food under Republic/Democracy.

Haven't spotted any other existing ruleset structures which trigger this class
of issue; should diff gov help before/after with all rulesets.

> Did we make this up?
Changing the civ2 food upkeep factors (and/or adding more upkeep graphics) to
be the subject of new tickets.


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