Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20521 (project freeciv):

Second WIP version -- quite different.

Notable changes from first version (probably some of these should be split to
separate patches):
* discard present=FALSE reqs
* more asserts for things that should have been caught during ruleset loading
* cope with effects with both output type and unit type reqs
silence output in more cases in the presence of extra requirements (otherwise
could lie)
* add PL_() i18n where it was missing
* substantially rework veterans help:
** remain silent if more than one (class, flag, type) req (longstanding
** add i18n disambiguation for class/flag/type output (longstanding FIXME)
** in the case of a type req, output the specific veteran rank name
** reword to make it clearer that it applies to newly built units

Also attached is the current difference it makes to government help with
supplied rulesets + variant2. I haven't investigated the following unexpected
diffs, but suspect they are more accurate rather than less:
* civ2civ3 waste/corruption
* alien max tax rates

(file #19791, file #19792)

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