Follow-up Comment #10, patch #4190 (project freeciv):

> - From what I've thought of so far, I prefer adding 
> "translation_domain = "freeciv"" to core nations. [reasons]
(now done)
Fair enough, I'm content with this.

> - Purpose of "R_()" is not collection of translatable strings 
> [...but...] runtime fetching of translations from correct domain
I now appreciate this better.
Patch #4455 has an awful proposal in this connection (which is more or less
orthogonal to the rest of the ideas here).

> - Opposite to your example, Sini has told me that splitting 
> the translations would make improvements to Finnish 
> translation much more likely
Noted. So far, translators who would like to work on monolithic files remain
purely hypothetical. I'd better find at least one real person whose life would
be improved before sinking lots of effort into making it possible.

> - When I generated extended set .po -files by msgmerging full 
> .po against their .pot, I noticed how the files were about 
> same size as the originals. I have not checked them, but I 
> assume this to be due to the fact that even when .pot lacks 
> the string existing in .po, it's not removed but merely 
> commented out. That's not a big problem, but speaks against 
> doing the conversion repeatedly (i.e. getting all the 
> obsolete messages back in even if they have once been removed)
Indeed, every .po file contains all the translations from the "other" ones as
commented "obsolete" translations, which is untidy.

As an early step to getting on top of this, I'm trying to find a procedure for
importing monolithic files from older branches that puts existing "obsolete"
strings in freeciv/*.po by default and leaves other domains clean of them
(using tools like msggrep).

If I succeed, I plan to re-run the import from S2_4 with that, and use it for
any further updates from S2_4.


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