Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21623 (project freeciv):

I have been testing this patch a bit with civ2civ3 rules (tech_cost_style = 2,
tech_leakage = 1, tech_upkeep_style = "Cities") and it seems to work right:
- I tested different values for techlossrestore (-1, 0, 50, 100) and the bulbs
restored by lost techs were as expected.
- With techlossrestore = 0, it is possible to lose all your techs and yet keep
negative balance of bulbs, but the games seems to handle it without errors.
- I observed a couple of AI games with techlossforgiveness = 0, and the AI
seems to handle properly the tech upkeep. I did not notice any weird behavior
due to enabled loss of techs.

I'm going to open another ticket to update the civ2civ3 rules with these
options enabled by default (and a related rule fix).


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