Summary: AI set taxes >0% to luxury, and 0% science, in wrong
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: bardo
            Submitted on: mié 12 feb 2014 02:48:44 UTC
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                 Release: 2.5
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I have noticed for some time (since v2.5) that AI often set the taxes to
maximize the gold (to the max allowed by the government, for example 60% under
Despotism), and the rest of the taxes are set to generate luxury (40% in the
example), even when celebrations are not allowed and luxuries are not really

I attach a savegame played with S2_5 (civ2civ3 rules, cheating AI level), and
the related log of AI TAXES of this turn.

You will see some of the AIs are stuck to 0% science, max % allowed set to
gold, and the rest % to luxury. For example:

Wilhelm I [max] rate=70
Wilhelm I [old] (Sci/Lux/Tax)=0/30/70
Wilhelm I [tax] estimated=-34 real=97 (delta=-131)
Wilhelm I [tax] trade=113 gold=246 expenses=113
Wilhelm I [tax] Tax=0 income=-48
Wilhelm I [tax] Tax=10 income=-37
Wilhelm I [tax] Tax=20 income=-25
Wilhelm I [tax] Tax=30 income=-14
Wilhelm I [tax] Tax=40 income=-3
Wilhelm I [tax] Tax=50 income=8
Wilhelm I [tax] min=30 balanced=50
Wilhelm I [sci] estimated=57 real=0 (delta=57)
Wilhelm I [sci] trade=113 bulbs=112 upkeep=0
Wilhelm I [sci] Sci=0 research=-5
Wilhelm I [sci] min=0 balanced=0
Wilhelm I [res] balanced! (Sci/Lux/Tax)>=0/0/50
Wilhelm I [new] (Sci/Lux/Tax)=0/30/70

I have found the same weird AI behavior with and without tech upkeep, and both
at normal and cheating AI level (but it seems more often at cheating AI
However, I have not seen it with classic rules, so I'm not sure about the

I'm checking the file aihand.c because I'm almost sure there is a bug there,
but it is a bit complicated for me.


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civ2civ3-taxes-T0128-Y00560-auto.sav.bz2  Size: 93kB   By: bardo



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