How is the update of Freeciv-web going? I see that you have reached revision 23908, and also cleaned up some of the patches, which is great! How much work do you think is remaining? What do you think should be the next steps for Freeciv-web after the upgrade is complete?


On Sat, 8 Feb 2014, "Andreas Røsdal" wrote:


I think it's great that you want to update Freeciv-web to the latest Freeciv
development code, so feel free to work on that on the freeciv github repo.
Once you have completed the update of Freeciv-web I can
begin again improving Freeciv-Web. I will follow your
progress with great interest!


 I'm just doing checkout of freeciv-web again. I noticed that the
freeciv server is from last summer TRUNK, so it's a bit like bad sides
of both worlds (using stable branch vs development version): unstable
but old. Swithcing back to stable S2_5 would probably be
counter-productive at this point, so I think we should forward it to
use current development code again. Is it ok if I do? It's likely to
break thing or two for a while, so if you're about to get new version
to production soon, it's better to postpone the freeciv-server update
after that.
 All this assuming that I now get my freeciv-web development
environment to work again.

 - ML

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