I'll try to get one step forward tonight (to revision 24430 it seems),
and rest during the weekend. Once freeciv-web reaches freeciv trunk
HEAD, I plan to work on reducing the diff between freeciv and
freeciv-web copy of it in a synchronized manner. There's already patch
#4484 and patch #4485 waiting for that. But I guess that should be the
normal development mode where freeciv-web (master branch) copy of
freeciv server gets constantly updated, so you should be able to work
on web side then, though I don't know if you need to create branches
for versions that actually get deployed.

 My installation of freeciv-web is not complete, so unfortunately I
have not been able to test how scenarios work. There's one important
change there - France scenario now has Inaccessible terrains on East
and South borders. Units shouldn't be able to enter these tiles and
cities should be unable to work them.

 In general freeciv-web development I'm also expecting to fully
implement support for multiple installations on the same machine, to
be able to switch between different versions when developing/testing.
For most parts it's already possible to install it to location other
than ~/freeciv-build/ (I have never used it there) Documentation
obviously needs updating.

 - ML

On 13 February 2014 23:55, Andreas Røsdal <andre...@pvv.ntnu.no> wrote:
> How is the update of Freeciv-web going? I see that you have reached revision
> 23908, and also cleaned up some of the patches, which is great!
> How much work do you think is remaining? What do you think should be the
> next steps for Freeciv-web after the upgrade is complete?
> Andreas

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