Follow-up Comment #7, bug #21703 (project freeciv):

> I've attached a saved file. Playing Saxionians. In 4 Cities I 
> currently building a Library. If I change production in anyone 
> of those cities into Temple, I am losing stones. 
I still can't reproduce from this savegame with 2.4.2 (server running on
x86_64 Ubuntu 12.04). All four cities (Johanngeorgenstadt, Zittau, Chemnitz,
Wittenberg) are well behaved if I change production from Library to Temple and
back, either from the city dialog or from the cities report (F4).

> In the last weeks I have played all branches, and have noticed 
> some kind of penalty when changing between city improvements 
> (not wonders or untis) - but rare, not in all cases, 
> irregurarly it seemed. But I wasn't focused on that. Before 
> pondering further I'd like to ask, whether such penalty is 
> implemented in any branch or ruleset of today. (I'm not 
> the OP) 
I don't recall any deliberate behaviour change in this area for a long time. 
The relevant function, city_change_production_penalty(), hasn't changed at all
for ages (back to at least 2.3.4).

> Can reproduce in Freeciv Version 2.4.2+ (r24482) on ARM. 
> (Server)
Hm. So both you and the OP are on ARM, right? Interesting.

> Even if I change it back to Library, I won't get 22 stones 
> back. 
I'm wondering if loading the "changed_from" target from a savefile (or maybe
sending it over the network?) is going wrong, possibly in a platform-dependent
I think this would explain all symptoms: if it thinks the production at the
start of the turn was something other than a building, changing from Library
to Temple will make it notice, and changing back to Library will not help.


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