"Andreas Røsdal" writes:
> Also, what do you think of moving Freeciv development
> from svn to github.com/freeciv?

For me, integration with the ticket tracker is the dealbreaker. It is
still painful having lost our RT history; I'm not not willing to lose
our history again (or linkage to the VCS) without a very good reason.

Otherwise I would generally be in favour of the main Freeciv repository
being in Git; enough of us are using git-svn as it is. For one thing,
I'd be more likely to actually review patches before commit if I could
pull them from Git and view/test them in context.
A possible downside is that we might lose translators who are used to
svn and aren't up for learning a new VCS.

I believe a version of Savane supports Git, but not the version
installed on Gna. If that were ever fixed we might be able to keep our
history but change our VCS, but I'm not holding my breath.
(I vaguely poked #gna about this, and someone on #gna said something
vaguely positive, but I wasn't entirely sure of their future plans.)

Due to the above issues, I've not bothered to form an opinion about
whether Github is a suitable project host.

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