Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4572 (project freeciv):

> Are the effect types going to be completely removed as obsolete at some
> point, or will there always be some case where ruleset needs to use them
> instead of action enablers?
I hope to remove them completely. Benefits of removing them includes that the
Freeciv C code becomes simpler and that the rule set format avoids surprises
for rule set authors that don't have the effects in mind.

The costs of removing them includes that many action enablers must be used to
express rules that today can be expressed in a single effect. (Example:
"Democracy AND Radio => Unbribable") I don't know any rule set with something
like that. The bundled rule sets will go in the opposite direction: One action
enabler can replace more than one effect.

If the effects can't be removed it still makes sense to replace the effects
with action enablers in the bundled rule sets when all functionality of the
effects also exist for the action enablers. That will let them benefit from
the action enabler work.


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