Follow-up Comment #9, patch #3743 (project freeciv):

The current implementation of delegations is case-sensitive with regard to
usernames. That is, if user "A" delegates his nation to user "B", "b" wouldn't
be able to take the delegation from "A".

In Greatturn, games last for months and usernames can be somewhat long and
complicated; sometimes users log-in typing their nicks w/o paying attention to
case, and then they wonder why delegations stop working.

AFAIK, the whole structure of Freeciv is built to be case insensitive for
usernames, so this patch, which comes from Longturn, is somewhat inconsistent.
Moreover, Longturn solves this issue - for its sole benefit - by using the
following custom code to internally handle delegations in interactions with

SELECT delegation FROM auth_user AS u
    JOIN game_joined j ON ( = j.user_id)
    JOIN player_player p ON = j.user_id
    WHERE lower(username) = lower('$USER') AND game_id = '$GAMENAME';

I think this patch should be made consistent with the rest of Freeciv, by
treating usernames case-insensitively.


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