On 7 March 2014 22:26, Andreas Røsdal <andre...@pvv.ntnu.no> wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Mar 2014, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>> I'm trying to add patch BoolCanAttack patch from bug #21767 to
>> freeciv-web, but any attempt to run it causes this in the server side:
>> 1: ERROR: Unable to parse packet:
>> {"type":4,"usern:"cazfi","capability":"+Freeciv.Web.Devel-2.l-2.6-2014.Mar.05b","version_label":"-dev"jor_version"minominor_versio,"pa,"patch_veh_vers:99,:99,"port":5556}
> It seems like the packet PACKET_SERVER_JOIN_REQ is sent incorrectly. This is
> the first network packet sent from Freeciv-web from Javascript in the
> browser as a WebSocket message to nginx. Nginx will then proxy this packet
> to freeciv-proxy, which will then send it to the Freeciv C server, which is
> reporting that it isn't able to parse the packet. So somewhere on this path
> the packet becomes broken, as you see that several characters are missing in
> the packet.
> I haven't seen this problem before. It doesn't seem to be related to the
> BoolCanAttack patch. As there are missing characters from the packet, I
> think that it is network related.
> Has Freeciv-web worked correctly at some point previously, then suddenly you
> got this packet problem?

 Even reverting back to the previous commit I've done myself does not
help, so this seems like something that's changed in my system rather
than in freeciv-web.

 It's not missing characters, but more like parts of the string get
written second time over the correct string. For example "Devel-2." +

 Anyway, I recommend not going to production with current version
without BoolCanAttack.patch as the AI is crashing very often in
current HEAD.

 - ML

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