Follow-up Comment #1, patch #1340 (project freeciv):

Perhaps this should be split into smaller tasks. Would the plan below be

1) Introduce a new requirement vector research_req. Add ruleset loading time
checks that no tech is in it. In my view tech tree holes don't apply to
missing non tech requirements: Even if you don't have access to the ocean you
can still know that a sail can be used to make a boat move.
2) Make it well supported in the ai, help system etc. Maybe use a color in the
tech tree help to symbolize that a non tech requirement is needed?
3) Append the ruleset fields req1 and req2 to the research_req vector during
ruleset loading. Keep them like before in the rule set. Make sure that tech
req specific stuff like allow tech tree holes work as expected.
4) Remove the limit of max 2 tech requirements for a tech, allow tech
requirements in the research_req requirement vector and remove the ruleset
fields req1 and req2.

Root req:
Introduce a new requirement vector acquire_reqs for root requirements in the
same way as research_reqs.

Prevent intentionally blocking other research to gain points from Future
Add a new effect Future_Tech to control if a player can research future techs
when there is nothing else to research. When there is no techs that can be
researched and this isn't active something else happens to the bulbs. Not sure
if they should be saved, lost or converted to something else. An alternative
is an effect that triggers the alternative behavior.


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