Follow-up Comment #5, bug #21774 (project freeciv):

> - I used keyboard "G" + mouse click to move (usually just one 
> tile at a time) 
Oh, my bad, yes of course that can produce this backtrace.

> Looks that I have also a crash dump of this at /AppData/Local
> /CrashDumps, let me know if you want that as well.
Not sure I would be able to do anything with it, TBH.

> After which FreeCiv automatically moved on to another unit 
> but I recall seeing a path to the Caravel on map for the that 
> newly selected unit. Just then it crashed on me. 
(Hm, I wonder if it's somehow remembering goto paths for previous units.)

I've not been able to reproduce an assertion failure or crash from either of
your savegames (in 2.4.2 on Linux) by moving random submarines (file #20294)
or the idle caravan (file #20305) to random places.
Can you identify exactly which units were involved and where they moved to?
Best way is probably to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+right-click on a unit, which will put
link markup into the chatline, and paste that here; and similarly
Ctrl+Alt+right-click on a tile to indicate where the unit is to be moved to.


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