Follow-up Comment #6, bug #21774 (project freeciv):

As a reply to comment #5

I haven't been able to reproduce the crashes with the savegames afterwards
either, though I manage to get a similar crash after around 150 rounds (or
maybe once per evening). So yeah, sounds like something piles up until it
causes the crash.

In any case, the unit that I moved just before the crash in savegame file
#20305 should be the same Caravan that goes active after loading it (at least
for me). If I'm correct, the move to north-east was animated OK just before
the crash (dunno, if that counts as a move in the game). I suspect just after
then game changed to move AI units => crash.

I suppose there isn't any commandline switch to make FreeCiv a bit more
verbose that I could try?


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