Follow-up Comment #10, patch #4608 (project freeciv):

It is not really a bug, it is the way the trireme works when movement on river
is enabled, and I don't really know how could it be improved.

These are the issues I see related to triremes moving on rivers:
- you can use a river to unload units like you do in a city, without being
affected by "slow invasion".
It makes rivers better places to disembark than other coastal tiles and it
encourages counter-intuitive tactics, like the construction of fast
- you can use a river to cross the enemy border with the trireme, and the
loaded units will not lose one movement point as they do when moving on land.
I like it for other transports, I just find it too powerful for ancient
- you can move the trireme 3 tiles along the river, and when it finish, the
loaded unit can move another 3 tiles along the same river. It encourages
micromanagment and chaining of triremes that I do not like.

I don't know if there is a reason for a bug report, I just don't like some
aspects of this feature, and I wonder if it is worth to keep it enabled in the


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