Dear Freeciv,

Apologies for the cross-posting. We are working on a prototype platform for
a non-profit, massive online open research, here is the preview:

So what is it? Is basically Civ. Except that when constructing a new
building, you are starting a real scientific project somewhere in the
World. When your building is finished, you created a new gadget, technology
or discovery.  For real. Or maybe you went for a windmill or engine, which
means that you are actively harvesting computer power for solving current
problems in science such as SETI@home,, etc. Blew your mind? We
know. It epitomizes what we have been playing for years and the future of
citizen science.

There are few people in the world which can appreciate and envision the
consequences of such a non-governmental, non-industry oriented online
research system which is both entertaining and an ideal networking
platform. We are working with most of them. And I am confident you are also

So before launching the fundraising campaign for such a freeciv-like
platform encompassing facebook, kickstarter, citizen science and volunteer
computing we wanted to have your permission/support with the following

1-  We need a Civ-like html5-compatible engine for a proof of principle
during our fundraising. For this, we wanted to modify free-civ web using
our original world and game designs. Again, we are a non-profit and this
does not mean that the final interface will necessarily use any
version of freeciv-web.

2- We not only wanted to give respectful credit to freeciv during our
fundraiser, but also to have you as one of our sponsors/partners. We have
so far only two of them. The BOINC project (UC Berkeley) and the Eterna
project (Stanford). -- We are collecting support from related projects
before we start doing so from established non-profit organizations.

Let me know your decision and thanks for your reply / poss. interest in
this matter.


Carlos-Andres Palma, PhD

Physik-Department E20
Technische Universität München
James-Franck-Straße 1
D-85748 Garching
+49 (0)892 891 2618
A massive online open research platform
2053 Oregon St. Berkeley CA
+1 510 705 2303
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