Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4639 (project freeciv):

So, this function mostly considers whether putting a given road on a tile will
help connectivity between adjacent tiles.  When doing so, it considers that if
any dependency of the road being considered is present on a potential source
tile, that the road under consideration may as well be on the potential source
tile (as it is considered underway), which helps autosettlers build more
advanced roads.

There are two possible ways to treat integrating roads.  The simple one is to
consider any existing integrating road as interesting for the purposes of a
link.  The more complex is to consider any dependency road of an integrating
road as interesting.

There is also the question of whether the move cost of an integrating road
should be considered: in the case where there are integrating roads of
differing move costs, it may be interesting for autosettlers to receive a
greater bonus for building the faster of the integrating roads, which may
require refactoring of settler_evaluate_improvements() and

Suggestions on the strategy for implementation appreciated.


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