Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21898 (project freeciv):

> build a road over a river before one has Bridge Building is a
> bit of a rules hack, and probably ought be disallowed.

In a way yes, but
- It has always been allowed (civ/2, freeciv < 2.5)
- Handling generic case of "player wouldn't be able to build this road now"
would be very difficult, and what would be the "correct" rule?
  - While the last owner of the city is not currently able to build bridges,
(s)he may have been earlier (tech loss), or maybe some previous owner of the
city (maybe the founder) was.
  - Existing bridges on other tiles are not removed when tech loss occurs or
terrain gets conquered by someone who does not know Bridge Building

So I would go by freeciv < 2.5 model that no player specific requirement would
be considered, but only the tile's ability to have road/extra would affect if
road/extra gets removed.


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