Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4650 (project freeciv):

Hacky manual procedure I've got so far (starting from ca-24.po which is the
monolithic S2_4 ca.po:

make freeciv/freeciv.pot, nations/freeciv-nations.pot,
msgmerge ca-24.po freeciv/freeciv.pot >tmp-freeciv-full-ca.po
msgmerge ca-24.po nations/freeciv-nations.pot | msgattrib --no-obsolete
msgmerge ca-24.po ruledit/freeciv-ruledit.pot | msgattrib --no-obsolete
# needed because msgattrib --ignore-file only takes 1 argument
msgcat nations-ca.po ruledit-ca.po >tmp-noncore-ca.po
msgattrib --obsolete tmp-freeciv-full-ca.po | msgattrib
--ignore-file=tmp-noncore-ca.po --set-obsolete | msgattrib --only-obsolete
msgattrib --no-obsolete tmp-freeciv-full-ca.po | msgcat - tmp-obsolete-ca.po
rm tmp-freeciv-full-ca.po tmp-noncore-ca.po tmp-obsolete-ca.po

I believe this ends up with every source translation in exactly one place,
with obsolete translations with no other home ending up in freeciv-ca.po.

freeciv-ca: 85%: 5354 translated, 571 fuzzy, 371 untranslated.
nations-ca: 97.6%: 1795 translated, 22 fuzzy, 22 untranslated.
ruledit-ca: 24%: 5 translated, 10 fuzzy, 6 untranslated.


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