On Wed, 9 Apr 2014, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21901 (project freeciv):

#1 0x080521a6 in player_nation_defaults
pnation=pnation@entry=0x0, set_name=set_name@entry=true) at
pleader = <optimized out>

nation = NULL...

#2 0x0808596d in create_barbarian_player (type=SEA_BARBARIAN)

...when creating sea barbarians.

Can you check
1) If there's some errors logged about Pirate nation when loading ruleset

There's no such error message about loading the Pirate nation. Usually the Pirate nation works fine in most games. This could have been a normal game, or perhaps a scenario. I just noticed that it's possible to select the Pirate nation to play in Freeciv-web, perhaps someone did that? Or it could be something else entirely...

2) If Pirate nation somehow is already in use in the game

How can I check thath? I don't have any savegame, this is on the public server.

If I could suggest a solution to this, then perhaps we could add some check if the nation is NULL, and then don't allow creation of the Pirate nation. Anything to prevent the segfault. :)


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