Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20587 (project freeciv):

Notes on implementation:
    Rather than checking whether a given square is threatened, autosettlers
should check if there are any units that would be able to attack the
autosettler within the time required to complete the work underway as part of
determining if some work should be undertaken in the first place.  Once work
is started, the autosettler should only interrupt work in the event that some
unit would be able to attack them within the analysed turn (even if some unit
gets close enough to attack before the work is done, an autosettler actively
engaged in work shouldn't stop work unless actively threatened).  The threat
analysis is probably best done with a pf_map of some sort.

    Note that the bug, as titled, is solved, as patch #3854 causes
autosettlers to avoid adjacent battleships, but not the destroyer hanging just
off the coast and picking off each autosettler as it appears (despite being
seen by units in a nearby fortress).  As much as it might appeal, the final
implementation should avoid fixing this issue if the destroyer cannot be seen
by the player.


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