Follow-up Comment #6, bug #21851 (project freeciv):

Unfortunately, even with the suppressions file loaded (adding
--suppressions=scripts/freeciv.supp to the command line), valgrind stops
processing before being able to open city windows (or even starting the game:
connecting to the server and loading a savegame is enough to surpass the
threshold).  Does this happen for other operating environments, or is it
unique to Kubuntu 13.10 (or even Kubuntu in general)?

To underscore the severity of the problem, as a player who enjoys direct
management of cities, and typically opens each city dialog once or twice per
turn, even with 16GB RAM, I cannot play a single turn once I have a reasonable
number of cities without overflowing available memory (making the use of the
client frustrating, as the typical turn involves several restarts (one launch
for turn change and reaction to turn change messages (including city dialog
inspection), one launch for unit management (including city dialog inspection
for trade routes, engineering, assignment of defense forces, etc.), and two or
more launches reviewing the happiness, pollution, worklists, etc.).


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