Follow-up Comment #5, patch #4636 (project freeciv):

>How does the refueling of airunits work?
In classic rules, helicopters lose 10% of hit points when they end the turn
out of a City.
If helicopters end in an Airbase, they do not lose HPS, but they do not
recover them either.
If they end in a city, they recover 1/3 of the HPs (or so), and that is what I
call "refueling".
I do not think there should be so much difference for Air units to end the
turn in City or Airbase. That is why I added HP regen to Airbases, same than

>What was the reason Airbase is not native base to any units again?
Airbase should be native to Air, Helicopter and Missile. Else it is a bug.
When I browse the code (S2_5, Trunk and this patch) I see:
>native_to      = "Air", "Helicopter", "Missile"

Is that what you mean, or something else?


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