Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21932 (project freeciv):

> An example is in the attached file.
I don't see an attachment...

> This situation can occur after tech loss of Advanced Flight. [...]
I'm dubious of this diagnosis -- I don't think tech loss can affect the
ability of extant units to move, at least in standard rulesets? I'm guessing
something else must be restricting your nukes' ability to move.

However, I see that do_map_click() on the client sends do_unit_goto() bravely
followed by do_unit_nuke(); thus it's unable to check that the goto succeeded.
If the goto fails for some reason, then I think comedy of the kind you
describe will ensue.
(For instance, I think that unitwaittime could cause this?)

The obvious long-term fix is to bring nuking into the orders system, so that
the server can abort the mission if the goto isn't successful. I haven't
thought hard if it would be practical to backport that to S2_4 protected by
some "safer_nukes" capability.

(Sigh. With this and patch #3803, our nuclear command and control is more
ropey than the USA's in the 1960s
isn't it?)


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