Follow-up Comment #9, bug #21851 (project freeciv):

My case is exactly as described by Emmet Hikory (also with Kubuntu 13.10).
When the game advances and I have a lot of cities (100 or so), I have to close
freeciv and relaunch it every turn. If I try to play 2 consecutive turns, my
pc uses to get hang, but as Emmet Hikory, I use to open/close the city window
once per city and per turn.

When I monitor the memory usage (Kinfocenter), the free memory clearly
decreases when I open a city window, I use the dropdown menu to change the
production, and then I close the window, but I'd be unable to measure it this
way. However, the memory used by freeciv, as reported by the process monitor,
remains the same.


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