Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21913 (project freeciv):

Well, I was trying to do more.  I've attached better patches for this for
S2_4, S2_5, and trunk, which address the most obvious problems with
find_beachhead().  I was trying to do something with reverse_pathfinding
(broken WIP also attached) for the newer branches, but perhaps that should be
considered feature improvement, rather than bugfix, and deferred to a future
patch series (given that ferry management appears to need an overhaul for
complex nativity anyway, perhaps it is premature to attempt to resolve
nativity and variable move rate stuff here anyway).

Feel free to apply the bugfix patches, or if you're likely to be busy next
week, reassign to me, and I'll apply them after the test period has

(file #20588, file #20589, file #20590, file #20591)

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File name: beachhead-bugfix-S2_4.patch    Size:2 KB
File name: beachhead-bugfix-trunk.patch   Size:2 KB
File name: beachhead-bugfix-S2_5.patch    Size:2 KB
File name: beachhead-pathfinding-broken-S2_5.patch Size:2 KB


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