Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4459 (project freeciv):

I thought I'd try this, but ran into some uncertainties for some requirement

For Extra, BaseFlag, RoadFlag, Terrain, Resource, TerrainCass, TerrainFlag,
and MinSize should whether the current player knows and/or sees the qualifying
thing in the trade partner city be checked (possibly returning TRI_MAYBE), or
should the requirement be applied against the current state of affairs
independently of the player's knowledge?

For Building, should this be restricted to one's own cities + visible
buildings (the set of known buildings)?  Should there be some tracking of
buildings believed to be present as a result of city investigations: if so,
would these qualify to meet the requirement if present?

For Nationality and MinCulture, should these only apply to one's own cities,
or perhaps use some investigation tracking similar to that mentioned in the
Buildings question?


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