Follow-up Comment #7, bug #21988 (project freeciv):

I have investigated the game produced by your script.

Valgrind output isn't different.

Savegames differs, notably the player maps.

The only difference between without and with the patch applied is that the
entries of the hash table are not listed in the same order. It is due to how
collisions are handled, and how resizing is done. The order of the hash table
doesn't matter, but it has big consequences on the game.

First of all, start positions aren't attributed to the same players (see
Player1 and Atawallpa). I think this is the biggest cause of the difference
between the autogames.

I attach the script used for comment #5, where no different was notable (I
guess that start positions were luckily listed in the same order).

(file #20737)

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