Follow-up Comment #5, bug #21899 (project freeciv):

Actually, the player doesn't lose vision, but the server seems to assume it

In "server/unittools.c", unit_move():

      if (TILE_KNOWN_SEEN == tile_get_known(tile1, pplayer)) {
        unit_list_iterate(tile1->units, punit2) {
          if (punit2 != punit && !can_player_see_unit(pplayer, punit2)) {
            unit_goes_out_of_sight(pplayer, punit2);
        } unit_list_iterate_end;

can_player_see_unit() returns FALSE because can_player_see_units_in_city()
does. unit_goes_out_of_sight() is called whereas it shouldn't for the cargo


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