Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4707 (project freeciv):

> Does also the movement animation work correctly when enemy
> unit moves to fogged tile and gets removed in the end? I
> though that client doesn't even allow units to exist in fogged
> tiles (even temporarily).

Of course, it needs tests.

But as far I could see abstractly in the code, the goes_out_of_sight field is
tested at the begining of the handle_unit_short_info() with:

  if (packet->goes_out_of_sight) {
    punit = game_unit_by_number(packet->id);
    if (punit) {
      /* Unload unit if it is transported. */
      if (unit_transport_get(punit)) {
      punit->client.transported_by = -1;


So for me, it looks like it only removes the unit. All drawing issues seems to
be handled inside client_remove_unit().


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