Follow-up Comment #8, bug #22048 (project freeciv):

Sadly, with trunk r24941 (containing both r24918 under this bug and the fix
for bug #22066), I reproduced symptoms (1) and (2) (or at least the backtrace
looks the same, given lack of debugging symbols).
(I haven't reproduced (3) yet, but it was rare enough that I can't be sure
it's gone.)

> So we keep this one for uninitialized scan result bug (of 
> which 2 seems to be symptom of)?
Sadly this turns out to have been a bad idea, so I guess we should migrate the
symptoms to a new ticket.
As a rule, I think we should submit fixes that we're not entirely sure address
symptoms in new, specific tickets, reserving the original to be closed when
we've evidence the symptom(s) are gone.

Thanks for the fixes, anyway. Since only I seem to be able to reproduce the
issues, probably I should be finding time to dig into them myself rather than
just posting backtraces. It's possible that it's related to old libraries (I'm
still on Xubuntu 12.04).

However, are we violating rules for using Gtk+ in threads? The GDK3 docs say
"GTK+, however, is not thread safe. You should only use GTK+ and GDK from the
thread gtk_init() and gtk_main() were called on." (That's a Grk3 doc, but I
would be surprised if the same weren't also true of Gtk2.)


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