Summary: Effect for sell/disband yield
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            Submitted on: Mon 26 May 2014 14:54:21 BST
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Effects which control how much you get back if you sell a building or disband
a unit. Percentage of original nominal shield cost, with 0 permitted. Checked
at time of sell/disband, and applicability controlled with requirements like
"Building", "Bank", "Local".

This will remove some current hardcoding (e.g. getting 50% of shields back for
disband). It would also enable effects like resale value decreasing as
technology improves, and allow plugging loopholes in other proposals of mine
(adjustable production rate).

Selling only applies to buildings, and disband to units; probably these are
separate effects Sell_Yield and Disband_Yield.

Value of 0 does *not* prevent disband or sale, as you might still need to get
rid of items because they're blocking something else. (But may need some UI
gloss where "sell" becomes "demolish" if you're getting nothing back.)

"Sell All" UI will need some tweaking for possibility of reflect variable sale
costs (and you'll take the risk that order of sale affects yield; that
possibility is in the hands of ruleset authors).

We might want to change the "sell" packet to include the price the client
thinks they're selling at, with the server not selling unless the actual sale
price is equal or greater, to avoid disappointment from race conditions.
That'd need more UI in the exception case.

This would not apply to caravans' contribution to wonders (if we want to
adjust that, make it a new effect).


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