Follow-up Comment #6, patch #3361 (project freeciv):

One of the things I want to do with this is to improve the situation for
ruleset entities who have a relationship linked by unit flags, tech flags or
similar -- potentially a many-to-many relationship.

Currently, if some building enables units with a particular flag or property,
when autogenerating help we've an unsatisfactory choice:
* list all units with the flag (potentially an unreadably long list)
* a cop-out like "Settlers and similar units" leaving the player to guess what
'similar' means
* explicitly saying "units with the 'AirUnit' flag"; the flag name may not be
intended for human eyes or translateable, and players have to scrub through
all the units to find out which ones have the 'AirUnit' flag.
We currently use a mix of these.

If we had hyperlinks, the unit flag name could be a hyperlink taking you to a
report which lists all the units which have flag, and possibly other entities
to which it's relevant. Same goes for anything that divides entities into sets
(unit classes, tech flags, etc).


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