Follow-up Comment #6, bug #22051 (project freeciv):

> Perhaps some of the other features that were enabled in
> experimental in 2.4 can be moved to classic in 2.5 instead? Do
> we have a list of these, or some other plan for when things
> move from experimental to classic?

There's no clear plan or policy about that, and nobody has been driving such
migration of rules from experimental to classic. Changing anything in classic
has always been challenging as we so easily end to maintain status quo in any
conflicts between changes to playing styles.

README.ruleset_experimental should list differences between experimental and
classic ruleset.

Nationality rules are one feature that classic had not enabled in 2.4, but has
in 2.5.

Patch #4739 is about switching to civ2civ3 ruleset as the default one in 3.0
instead of trying to do drastic improvements to classic.


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