Summary: MinAllies requirement(s)
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            Submitted on: Sat 31 May 2014 23:46:03 BST
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(From IRC conversation with morphles)

Requirement clause that's true if subject player has a minimum number of
allies. (Can't use "DiplRel" requirement for this.) Only supported at "Player"

A use case: enable soft discouragement of big alliances in multiplayer games
by applying penalties, or denying bonuses (with negated requirements). May
also have applications with new "Victory" effect (patch #4151), or proposed
victory suppression (patch #4756).

Should be fairly easy to implement. May want to create a cache of alliance
sizes for speed, if we don't have one already.
Alliance 'size' here is defined as the size of the transitive closure over
alliance (i.e., how many players can you reach by alliance links?).


Since this gets embedded in the ruleset, to accommodate variable numbers of
players, it might be useful to be able to specify either absolute numbers of
players, or some proportion of the  players.
In principle could support two argument syntaxes in ruleset file, "3" and
"33%", but it's probably cleaner to have separate MinAllies and MinAlliesPct
* The relative case is a bit problematic though -- if it's only living
players, condition changes whenever someone dies or joins the game. Even if
includes dead players, new players can be added midgame. Might have to drop
this bit of the idea. Multiplayer games tend to heavily customise the ruleset
anyway, so might not mind baking in the number of players.


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