Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22117 (project freeciv):

> I have --enable-svnrev. My guess is that is introducing some
> unconditional dependency that causes version.l(o) to be rebuilt
> whenever it's referenced?

fc_svnrev_gen.h and fc_gitrev_gen.h are always generated directory is
configured to use them. Can't help that as any change in any part of the
source tree could cause change in them.
However, it shouldn't replace the old file if newly generated one is

My theory is that 'make install' handles translations first. That has the
nasty way of making local modifications to .po files. When fc_svnrev_gen.h is
then generated, it notices that svn checkout has local modifications and gets
the version in form "modified r24991" while first "make" pass resulted in
plain "r24991". Does your installed version show version number in that

Anyway, I think "make install" should nowadays get the dependency handling
right, so you wouldn't need plain "make" first.


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