Summary: Revert to gtk2-client as default client in 2.5
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: cazfi
            Submitted on: Wed 04 Jun 2014 12:24:16 AM EEST
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         Planned Release: 2.5.0-beta1



One of the "big issues" still remaining before 2.5.0 can be released is that
new default client, gtk3-client, is not in good enough shape. Given that it
seems (you're welcome to point my assumption wrong) that gtk3-client issues
are not going away in a long time and that there's not many other issues, it
alone would be blocking the otherwise ready release for a long time. So, at
this point I propose still keeping gtk2-client as the default client in 2.5.
(we currently have gtk3-client as the default client in svn, but there has
never been release where it's the default, so from outside perspective it
would be "keeping" gtk2-client as default)

- Task #7760 has a long list of bugs that gtk3-client has as regressions from
- Task #7681 states that Windows installer build of gtk3-client is still
unusable slow
- My own experience for last couple of months on Debian Jessie, starting from
some gtk3 update, is that gtk3-client is unusable slow.

I've not found the real reason to the slowness in my debugging, but I'm
worried that the problem might be quite fundamental incompatibility between
how gtk3 is meant to be used and how we use it - fixing it might turn out to
be big task.

- gtk2-client update from S2_4 to gtk2-client of S2_5 suffers no regression
- gtk3-client update from S2_4 to gtk3-client of S2_5 suffers no regression
(problems are present in S2_4 too)
- default client (gtk2) update from S2_4 to default client of S2_5 would
suffer regression if default client in S2_5 is gtk3-client
- If we had gtk2-client as default client in 2.5, there would be no release
blocking regressions from 2.4.

- Having to wait gtk3-client to be the default client no sooner than 2.6 means
that we would be having gtk2-client as the default client uncomfortably long
after gtk3 came out. When will the overall support of gtk2 start to diminish
(world moving to gtk3-only systems). However, gtk2-client would be supported
client in 2.5 even if it would not be the default one.
- After all this, one has to note that designation of the "default" client is
not so big issue as it may seems at first. Number of factors mitigate the
- What we designate as the default client only affects the priority of clients
to be built. In systems with only gtk2 or only gtk3 development libraries,
appropriate client would be built in any case. Only if development files for
both are present, does the designation of "default" take effect
- Distributions provide binary packages of the clients they want, that has
nothing to do with what we designate as default one
- As documentation has to use one specific client (the default one) in the
examples showing the command name ("freeciv-gtk2" vs "freeciv-gtk3"), it would
minimize number of people getting confused if the most often used client would
be the default.


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