Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22136 (project freeciv):

Random thoughts. (I haven't tried debugging this properly.)

I wondered if this could be caused by the bit in update_unit_activity() on
work completion where all units working on the same tile (including the one
who finished the work) have their activity set to IDLE. But I don't see why
all units wouldn't just carry on with execute_orders() in this case.

I wondered whether not setting done_moving here in execute_orders(), like we
do everywhere else, might be significant:

       case ORDER_FULL_MP:
       case ORDER_BUILD_CITY:
         log_debug("  stopping because of no more move points");
+        punit->done_moving = TRUE;
         return TRUE;
       case ORDER_ACTIVITY:
       case ORDER_DISBAND:

but it made no difference. Perhaps we should fix it anyway, although I think
it's probably harmless at the moment (unless I've missed some reason why it's


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