Does the AI need teaching about the new restrictions on
loading/unloading added by <>?

If the AI wants to ferry certain units from A to B, it potentially has
to find a suitable rendezvous point C and drop-off point D which are in
cities/bases, and have the cargo proceed on its own from D to B. But I
haven't noticed any new logic going into 2.5 for this.

Does the AI have any handling of air transports at all, or can it only
use sea transports? If so, I guess this is just another thing to add to
the to-do list for non-sea transport support and not urgent; we just
need to make sure it doesn't do anything stupid in rulesets with air
transports (which now includes civ2civ3), possibly by just ignoring
them. (Maybe this is the case already.)

I'm a bit worried that in 2.5 civ2civ3, the AI might end up with
Helicopters clogged up with Riflemen which it managed to load by luck,
and doesn't know how to unload. But I haven't tested it.

Haven't raised a ticket yet because I don't know if there's an actual
problem. If someone who knows the AI can confirm there's a problem but
is too busy to raise a ticket, I can do so.

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