Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4805 (project freeciv):

Going a bit OT, but this is the general spacetime distortion in our model.
Units have movement points telling how much they can move a turn (lat's say;
year). Yet units are not moving at the same time, but one at a time. When they
interact, that interaction can clearly happen in the different point of the
unit A's year than unit B's year. Let's say unit A moves all around (spends
almost full year first) and then attacks B which has not moved at all, and B
wins and remains alive. Unit B then moves, making it clear that the attack
against it took place in the beginning of the year.
As such, it's not always clear what things are to be considered bugs and which
are just features of our model. Obviously realism cannot be used as the
guideline here, as none of these things is realistic. So it becomes mainly
gameplay and balance issue - we should disallow major exploits.


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