Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4805 (project freeciv):

When considering limitation of movement between collocated transports on the
same non-native tile, remember that we permit movement between adjacent
transports on non-native tiles with a cost of SINGLE_MOVE: rather than a
blanket restriction, I suspect it makes more sense to charge SINGLE_MOVE
movement: given the right unit, one can still move implausibly far with relay
transports, but not any farther than one can today (actually, slightly less
far, if one transfers on the same tile, rather than the next adjacent).

I don't think it makes sense to consider the case of being in a base/city for
this: it should only depend on the unit nativity.  In the special case of
sea-only transports and land-only cargo, only tiles that have bases or cities
will be native to both, but there's no reason to apply the same rules for e.g.
Paratroopers moving between transport-capable Helicopters on Plains tiles.

In terms of narrative support, consider that two transports with embedded
debarkation ramps may be able to align them to transfer a tank (assuming a
common-plan transport also supporting a pontoon bridge role).  In a more
complex ruleset, consider a helicopter loading a scout vehicle from a
transport: if the transport is intended to be a winch (according to ruleset
dynamics), then it oughtn't matter that the scout vehicle isn't native to the


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